Setting Up A Sega Titan ST-V

Scarlet Sprites has just posted a video demonstrating how to set up a Sega Titan ST-V arcade board and multi-kit.  He goes through the basics of what boards / cartridges are needed, the multi-cart that’s available and some other great tips like adding a plexi case to prevent shorts and adding an easy kick harness adapter.

At-home gaming with arcade boards is always such a complicated matter and I’m happy to see more videos that really simplify things.  The complexity is understandable though, as each arcade game was technically its own “console”, designed to be used in one single, specific environment.  Even with multi-game platforms like the ST-V, Neo Geo and CPS, you’re still taking a setup that was designed for use in a pre-wired cabinet and adapting it for your own personal setup.  I hope Scarlet Sprites will continue to make these informative-but-basic videos to welcome more people that might be interested in real arcade gaming!

Links to the items discussed in his video:

ST-V MultiCart:
Lions 3 Acrylic Plates:
Sega ST-V Multibios:
ST-V Stereo Audio + Kick PCB (EVERTEN):

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