SegaSonic Bros MD Released – Sega Genesis

As I reported previously, Dustin O’Dell is porting the unreleased Sega System C2 Arcade prototype “SegaSonic Bros” to the Sega Genesis. Today he released it for free. The game is completely playable and just has some polishing before it’s complete. I tested it on the latest MiSTer Sega Genesis core and it feels like a brand new commercial release, complete with high-score saving. And it has lots of nice arcade options accessible via the menu. Who expected one last brand new 16-bit Sonic game in 2018?!!

Update: Revision 2 ROM Released:!eH5ghKhb!YlxdWnLpPPVNpjVE34au0Y9n-1Y_lptnXwTq_Ptrv70
Fixes the music stopping after receiving an emerald

Known issues
“Key test” on the options menu is broken.
Press start twice to exit Game isn’t translated & the Japanese/English option doesn’t work.
A 2nd player joining in can cause the Robotnik sprite to corrupt

Minor polish issues
Either player can pause/unpause the game no matter who paused it
The greying out of pieces doesn’t work with the white Sonics from the later levels (uses a different palette)
2P VS. mode has a continue prompt that doesn’t work (yet)

Please report anything with the game not working otherwise though. I’ve tested it on what I have but MD hardware varies a lot too. If it works well for you on hardware, please post what hardware you’re using (and get some pictures!)

High score saving should work as well but this isn’t super thoroughly tested so please report any problems you might have with this also.