Sega Triple Bypass v2.0 Now For Sale

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The Sega Triple Bypass (3BP) project was started as a way to get the best audio and video quality out of every model Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, as none perform “perfectly”.  Generally speaking, Model 1’s have excellent audio, but very noisy video and Model 2’s have pretty bad audio.  While the Model 2 & 3 video isn’t bad, there’s room for improvement and the 3BP handles all of that, all on one board.

UPDATE:  If you lift the RGB pins during install, you’ll need to replace the pullup resistors:

This version offers a few enhancements over the original 3BP:

  • MDFourier verified
  • One board for all consoles (set jumpers to mach each board rev)
  • Slightly smaller
  • Upgradable audio amp (experts only)

One debate with the original 3BP was how it affected Genesis 1 audio;  Installing the 3BP would significantly lower the noise floor (less buzz), but the audio levels were slightly less accurate.  With the 3BPv2, we’ve used Artemio’s MDFourier section of the 240p Test Suite to tweak the levels and guarantee an accurate experience across all Genesis models.  That means this board will unequivocally improve all models of the Genesis in every way.

Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing error, this current batch of the 3BPv2 came with the DIN already installed on it – Something that’s only needed on Genesis 1 installs.  That means anyone who purchases for installation in a Genesis 2 or 3 will have to remove the DIN before beginning the install.  Alternatively, you can still purchase the original 3BP, however you’ll need to change a handful of components on the board for both compatibility and MDFourier/accuracy reasons.

Special thanks to everyone on the Triple Bypass team.  Without all of your help, this would never be possible!

Original 3BPv2 design files:

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