Sega Nomad LCD Lag Tests

The Sega Nomad is a portable Sega Genesis that original came with a Game-Gear-like LCD screen.  I wanted to test how the lag on both the original screen and two upgrades compare to a CRT.  The general consensus has been that the Nomad has “about a frame of lag”, but I wanted to test for myself with a 960fps camera.

I also wanted to showcase Mobius Strip Tech’s ‘Sega Triple Bypass for the Sega Nomad, as it’s a unique upgrade that boosts both the audio and video performance of the console.  While this video doesn’t go into detail about the mods, it does shown it in use.

Check out the video on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute (below):

The above video is a demonstration of how the orientation of the LCD vs CRT screen does NOT affect the lag test results when using my 960fps camera.  Please keep in mind that not all cameras work the same and placing the LCD on the side vs the top of a CRT MAY have different results in your setup.

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