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RetroTINK-2X M: A Second Look

Roughly a week ago, Mike Chi released his latest Retrotink product, the Retrotink-2X Pro Multiformat to the world.  This new Tink product, was reviewed by Bob, who as usual, did a very thorough analysis of the product explaining what the new features are in comparison to the prior models.

That said, there is always room for a second opinion, as all reviewers have their specialties and areas of interest that they concentrate on.

Ray’s Review:

Bob’s Review:

The second opinion video also provides side-by-side analysis of the two Tink Pro models as well as split-screen to allow everyone to make the best possible decision if they are looking for a low-lag solution for their classic consoles.

Quality differences aside, this new Retrotink 2M model isn’t really a replacement for the Retrotink Pro. It’s more of an option for those who may need it for their particular setup.

For example, since the release of the prior Tink Pro, there have been interesting new features added to that model, such as the Low RES YPbPr modes and a button combo that allows for your Tink 2x Pro to be powered down. If you’re someone who likes Sega Genesis / Mega Drive transparencies look via dithering but would like to continue using component video instead of composite, then this could be the Retrotink for you.

The new Tink-M allows 480P pass thru and processes its line-doubling in a completely different manner due to being powered by an entirely different chip. This model is great for the PS2 & Wii due to their large 240p/480i/480p libraries.

Even with these basic descriptions, the statements above are oversimplifying the differences between the two models. Check out the two linked videos above, and see the differences for yourself!



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