Retro Scaler A1 Released

A $225 linedoubler has just been released from Irken Labs, called the Retro Scaler A1.  It accepts 15KHz (240p/480i) signals and doubles that to 31KHz / 480p VGA.

The project has been in the works for about two and a half years and Irkin Labs seems to be focusing on special features not commonly found in other scalers, focusing on arcade board support.  They claim the scaler will support video levels (voltages) of consoles, computer and arcade boards, which is an extremely wide variety of signals.  There are also five levels of scanline intensities and sync regeneration to help compatibility with different arcade boards.

Overall, this scaler doesn’t seem to be for your typical retro gamer.  With the RetroTINK2x covering your average gamer at less than half the price and the GBS custom firmware project taking care of the DIY crowd for less than even that (more info coming on the GBS soon), the Retro Scaler A1 seems focused specifically on people who want to use arcade boards on VGA monitors (or through VGA converters).

It absolutely fills an interesting need in the retro gaming community though and I’m interested to try one out.  More info and an order page is available here:


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