Retro Game Restore Teases Clear SNES Shell

Retro Game Restore has just teased a clear Super Nintendo replacement shell.  There’s no pre-orders or price yet, however we should have more information within a few weeks.  With all the yellowed, cracked SNES shells out there, this can’t come soon enough!

I believe final testing is required to determine if one shell can fit all SNES motherboards (besides the Mini/Jr of course);  This is obviously an important goal of the project, as two different shells would require two molds.  With a minimum order quantity of five hundred units, multiple shells might make it too expensive.

I’m excited to see this project completed though, as Retro Game Restore’s previous shells have been top-quality!  The smoke grey PC Engine case was very impressive and I even featured the clear PCE version in the Spark Plug video!  This SNES case looks even clearer than the PCE one and would be an amazing replacement for anyone with a cracked or yellowed SNES shell.  Or heck, even for someone who wants to add ports (SPDIF, YPbPr, etc) to their current SNES shell, but doesn’t want to cut the original.

We’ll update with more info as soon as it’s available.

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