Retro-Access Offering S-Video Upon Request

RGB SCART cable manufacturer Retro-Access is now offering a shielded S-Video option along with most of their custom cables.  S-Video can only be added to consoles who offer it directly from their multi-out, as there is no “conversion” being done, only tapping into the existing pins.

This is an interesting option and something I see streamers potentially taking advantage of.  While splitting the same output from a console (such as with a Y cable) can be very harmful, using the RGB and S-Video outputs from something like a SNES or PlayStation is perfectly safe.  This would allow a streamer to use a CRT with S-Video inputs for lag-free gaming and send the RGB outputs to a capture card.

I’m sure there’s a few other potential uses for this cable and while it’s not for everyone, I’m glad it’s an option.  To make your own, check out the link to the custom cable builder and follow the instructions in their tweet below:

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