Recalbox RGB Dual Kickstarter

The team behind the operating system / frontend Recalbox has just launched both a new version of the software and a Raspberry Pi 3/4 SCART + VGA adapter called the Recalbox RGB Dual.  One of the biggest features of Recalbox v8.0, is a focus on analog video output, with the software being able to output the original refresh rate and resolutions that the console / arcade boards outputted.  The software is available for free and the RGB hat is about $40;  It does not come with a case, but the team is providing free files to 3D print your own case.  Links and more info below.

Download Software:
Recalbox 8 Announcement:
Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Kit:
RPi 400 (built into a keyboard) :

I’ve always been a fan of Recalbox for Raspberry Pi emulation, but they also support quite a few other platforms, including PC’s and even those cool-looking PiBoy DMG’s!  Raspberry Pi fans should be the most excited about this release, as their new “RGB Dual” HAT works with RPi4’s and those cool looking keyboards with a RPi4 built in.  Recalbox can even auto-detect the RGB Dual and will switch to outputting a 15KHz signal for 240p & 480i support, with no extra configuration.  Even with the prices of RPi4’s going up, this seems like a really cool way to get started with emulation on an RGB or VGA monitor!

The team also added more options for people using the HDMI output, with 16:9 overlays for 4:3 games and they even added the the Genesis Plus GX Wide core.  There’s honestly way too much to cover here, so please check out their kickstarter page, as well as their blog post for all the details.

…and after seeing everything they’ve done with this, I’m definitely going to give this a try both on a PC and a RPi4.  Maybe I’ll livestream the whole thing?

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