Dan Mons

Racketboy interview arcade collector Daniel Gewargis

The always-brilliant Racketboy recently posted another excellent interview in their Retro Collecting series, this time with Daniel Gewargis.


Daniel has a very impressive collection of arcade equipment, much of which he’s consolized for at-home play on flat-screen TVs and monitors.  His Sega collection in particular is quite impressive, with many units linked together for multi-player gaming.

In addition, the interview covers Daniel’s home console setup as well, and some of the more interesting HDMI multi-viewer hardware he’s used to combine multiple HDMI inputs on to a single screen to host some multiplayer games on one large TV.  Loads of pictures and videos of it all in action within.

It’s a fantastic, in-depth interview by Racketboy, and Daniel’s setup shows a real dedication and love to his collection.