PS1 Digital Firmware Update v1.1.0

Christof has just released a new firmware update for the PS1 Digital HDMI mod.  This update brings even smoother transitions between resolutions in force mode, which is impressive, since they were absolutely excellent before!

There’s also scaling options for each resolution and the PsNee’s region injection has been refined, making it overall more reliable for CDr’s.  Of course, I highly recommend looking into an XStation with 3D printed tray, as it’s the fastest and easiest way to play discs!

Here’s a full list of changes:

  • New: Smoother 240p/480i and 480i/240p transitions in force mode
  • New: Configurable horizontal scaling
  • New: Configurable vertical scaling
  • Fixed: PsNee is now working correctly

The firmware update can be installed over a wireless connection right on the console!  For more info on how that’s done, check out my overview of the product below!  More details on the update can be found here:


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