Project Stellar Promises To Change The Way We Mod The Original XBOX

MakeMHz recently released their latest product for the Original XBOX called Project Stellar.

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Project Stellar is a modchip that is unlike its predecessors.  It stands out from the crowd with its remarkable features and on-board hardware.

Upon inspection, it becomes evident that Stellar means business. With its sleek OLED display, abundant I/O options, and an onboard RP2040 processor, Stellar boasts unprecedented capabilities without compromising the performance of the console’s onboard processes. The inclusion of an FPGA with 8MB of RAM, onboard flash memory, and numerous connectors further enhance its functionality.

Dustin’s vision for Stellar is to create an all-in-one solution, streamlining the modding process for users. Traditionally, modding the XBOX involved gathering information from various sources, leading to confusion and a cumbersome experience. However, Stellar aims to change that by providing everything in one place within StellarOS.

Yes, you heard me right – the Stellar modchip comes equipped with its own onboard operating system which is accessed by pressing start during the boot animation. The user-friendly dashboard UI offers access to all of Stellar’s features. While many of the advertised features are not currently supported, Dustin and his team at MakeMHz are actively working on implementing them and have even more exciting developments in the pipeline.

One of Stellar’s greatest strengths lies in its hardware. It was designed to be future-proof which opens it up endless possibilities for future capability and add-on accessories.  I really hope MakeMHz introduces a similar LCD display for the front of the console much like the Executer front panel!

Additionally, Stellar makes the process of installing the XBOX HD+ HDMI kit simpler by eliminating the need for extensive software configuration that was previously required with the Xenium mod chip included with the HD+ kit.

StellarOS boasts an array of features, although again, not all of them are currently active. The inclusion of an easy-to-use toolset for hard drive setup and an assisted setup for the Insignia service (a la XBOX Live) further distinguishes Stellar’s capabilities.

While Stellar is still in its early stages, it holds tremendous promise. The hardware, coupled with a user-friendly interface, sets the stage for an exciting future for XBOX modding. As time goes on, Stellar will undoubtedly fulfill its promises and solidify its position as the game-changing modchip.

The future of Stellar looks bright, and its impact on XBOX modding is bound to be stellar!

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