Pretendo Homebrew Online Network for Wii U & 3DS

Modern Vintage Gamer recently posted a video highlighting the Pretendo service:  An online network that allows hacked 3DS & Wii U consoles (as well as emulators) to connect to it, as if it were the official Nintendo network.  With the Wii U and 3DS online network officially shut down, this is now the only option for people and it’s currently in great shape; While it’s only about 70% complete, it’s still very usable and basic online gameplay work fine.  Definitely check out MVG’s video above for more info!


I think anyone reading is probably already aware of the current state of video game preservation:  Basically, it’s up to us, not major companies like Nintendo and Sony to keep this software and services like it alive.  Service like Pretendo, XLink Kai and even XBand are amazing and show the true dedication of gamers worldwide.

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