Pre-Orders Open for RetroFighters Dreamcast Controller

Retro Fighters has just opened pre-orders on their upcoming controller for the Sega Dreamcast:

While I’m excited there’s another controller choice for Dreamcast users, it’s important to remember how important controller quality is:  Your controller is your body’s interface between you and the game.  The ergonomics and quality of the controller play a major part in your gaming experience, but so does muscle memory;  Will big fans of the Dreamcast be able to adjust to a newer controller style after 20 years of gaming on the original?  Alternatively, if the quality is high, will this allow a better gaming experience than the original?

My personal experience is this varies greatly and there isn’t a “correct” answer.  For example, I used the original SMS controllers as a kid, but as an adult, I prefer pretty much any other controller –  I usually use the Genesis controller on real hardware and NES controller when emulating.  Alternatively, I can’t enjoy SNES games using anything other than a SNES controller that as high quality as the original.

Retro Fighters is facing a big challenge, as this needs to be a lag-free, high quality controller…that Dreamcast fans want to use.  I guess we’ll see if it holds up when it’s released in April and I’m crossing my fingers this turns out to be a quality solution!

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