Plug and Play Dreamcast Bluetooth Dongle

Stone Age Gamer has just opened pre-orders on a plug & play Bluetooth adapter for the Sega Dreamcast.  The software is based off of Darthcloud’s open source BlueRetro software and there’s no “installation” required – Literally just plug it in and hold the button to pair it with a compatible controller.  It’s available in White & Smoke and supports a virtual memory card (not original VMU).  The price is about $30 plus shipping and they should start arriving to customers in early July.

US Pre-Orders
Europe Pre-Orders:

While the BlueRetro platform itself is low-latency, please remember that the controller you choose will also affect performance.  PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controllers have less than 6ms of lag which should be low enough, even for fighting games.  I also think the Retro Fighters Defender might pair well with it…especially if the latency is as low as their N64 BT controller.  And while this might seem weird at first, I bet some arcade-style games might feel pretty good with the Neo Geo Mini-style BT controller.

Check out the pre-order page for all the details if you’re interested!

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