Playstation Classics Spotted at Wal-Mart for $25

Brooklyn Video Games posted a picture that appears to show Wal-Mart clearing out Playstation Classic consoles for $25. Although no one has confirmed the deal yet.

I’ve been intrigued by the PS Classic since it was first revealed to be nothing more than an extremely weak software-emulation platform based on PCSX. Almost any phone can run the exact same emulator, for free, with more raw power, all of the options unlocked by default, and the ability to use any USB or Bluetooth controller. Better yet, a phone could boot PCSX in Retroarch and have the ability to use modern emulation features like run-ahead mode, which will never be possible on a device as weak as the PS Classic.

Feel like getting a PSClassic and hacking it anyway?  Maybe try the newest version of Bleemsync and pick up an 8BitDo adapter that lets you directly access the menu: