Vanessa (Vanessaira)

PiStorm for Amiga Micro Computers

A new cost effective way to boost your Commodore Amiga micro computer is being developed.  This project which is known as PiStorm.  Is an open source effort that aims to be an effective yet cost reduced alternative to the many expensive Amiga upgrade efforts like the Vampire or the Warp 1260 projects. 

The project utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ to replace the Motorola 68000 processor in an Amiga 500, 500 Plus, or 2000 series of models.  As such the lower cost of Raspberry Pi aims to give Amiga users a cheaper and more effective way to boost their machines without breaking the bank.  This is all achieved by by connecting the Raspberry Pi to the hardware piece that is the PiStorm. 

The PiStorm hardware is an interface that inserts into the 68000 processor slot and acts as a go between for the Pi and Amiga motherboard.  The simple PCB utilizes a Intel Altera MAX II CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) which makes it useful for keeping its settings and configuration after power cycles.  Replacing your processor with a much more powerful computing machine.

Danwood from the Retro Hour Podcast, got a unit to test on his Amiga and showcased the project on his YouTube channel.  He ran through the basics of setting up the PiStorm.  Stated some of the current issues that he has encountered with the project so far.  As well as some of the future plans the PiStorm team hopes to implement.

The PiStorm group wants to expand this project to be usable on other Amiga models, as they continue to add feature, troubleshoot, and increase compatibility.  Currently there is a Discord for the group where members have been pooling resources to have PiStorm PCBs made and distributed accordingly.  If you are interested check out the links below, which are the same links posted in Danwood’s video.    



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