Rany Battikh

PC Engine transparent case by Retro Game Restore

Mostly known for selling Raspberry Pi peripherals and hats, Taiwanese designer Retro Game Restore is now accepting pre-orders for clear case/shell replacements that specifically fit the original all-white PC Engine (without modification) console and the second generation controller (with added turbo switches).

The cases will be made of polycarbonate plastic, a polymer that is mainly defined by its solid properties and transparent appearance.

RGR will not go forward with the project if the total number of orders won’t exceed 80. This is unfortunately due to the appointed factory’s MOQ policy.

On a much more positive note, during a small chat I had with Chris from RGR, he mentioned that he’s including cutting lines, along the inside shell, that CoreGrafx 1 & 2 owners could easily trim away in order to fit their system’s guts. He also showed interest in designing cases for other systems as well, but that all depends on how well the PC-E batch will sell.

(Sticker not included with the kit)

Priced at 110$ (shipping included; check the pre-order page for available countries), the kit is estimated to ship around July. It must be noted that the pre-order window will close on April 30th.

Original PC-E cases are extremely prone to yellowing over time, so RGR‘s kit seems to be a perfect solution for those who appreciate the clear electronics look and don’t want to go down the Retro-Bright daunting route.

Pre-order the kit here: http://retrogamerestore.com/pce_case/


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