Parsec Supergun v1.1 Improvements

Low_budget has updated the Parsec Supergun, which brings a bunch of really nice upgrades and new design features:

The v1.1 PARSEC Supergun has the following Improvements over the v1.0 PCB:

  • Thicker 1.5 oz copper layer
  • Wider +5v traces can handle loads up to 15A
  • 3 unused component footprints removed
  • controller ports now even with board edge
  • removed unsightly jumper wire to JAMMA connector (necessary on v1.0 because I forgot to connect video ground pin 14)
  • test and service button locations swapped
  • some improvements to component placement and footprint design
  • connection points on PCB for A/V modification possibilities (such as adding RGB adjustment pots)
  • it’s purple now

The v1.1 circuit is the same as v1.0 so no changes there.
The HAT board I’m making will work on both versions of the PARSEC.

It will take me a while to assemble small quantities of v1.1 PARSEC systems and additional HAT boards.
I’ll need to order parts and set aside quite a bit of time, so this will be a while.

More pictures & information at