OSSC v1 Hardware Mod

Rees recently posted a video walkthrough of how to mod your v1.6 or earlier Open Source Scan Converter to be compatible with the v1.0 and up Firmwares.  Without this mod, all OSSC hardware revisions before the recent v1.8 will not work with the newer firmwares.  If you accidentally flash the wrong one, you can simply revert to an older version, however older OSSC’s won’t work at all with v1.0+ unless you perform this mod.  More info after the links:

Purchase the OSSC:
Support Rees:

First and foremost, the OSSC is still awesome as-is.  If your current setup is working perfectly, there might not be any reason to upgrade.  That said, if you think you can benefit from any of the v1.x features like improved sync compatibility on the input side, more scanline choices and higher compatibility with other scalers, modding yourself (or paying a modder) might be a good idea.

Next, I think it’s amazing Markus is still supporting the OSSC all these years later!  He could have chosen to just stop supporting the original OSSC and focus on the OSSC Pro, however he’s STILL giving us COMPLETELY FREE features.  There’s always someone who’ll get annoyed when a hardware change is required, but anyone with common sense will see this for what it is:  An awesome dev trying to squeeze every bit of processing power from a device you’ve already purchased.

Please check out Rees’ video showing off the new features and demoing the mod itself!

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