OSSC Pro is a POWERFUL Downscaler

Marco Retro just posted an awesome video that details the downscaling power of the OSSC Pro.  Marco also highlights the upcoming VGA-out module (EDIT, it’s out!!!), that will allow HDMI output at HD resolutions and analog output at 240p or 480i simultaneously.  He also covers lag, aspect ratio, scaling, line alignment…really, EVERYTHING you may have wanted to know about using the OSSC Pro as a downscaler is covered!  I highly recommend checking it out.

DSub Output Board:

At the moment, the biggest downscaling advantage of the OSSC Pro is it’s separate “VGA Board”, however another bonus is it’s HDMI input and ability to downscale 1080p.  It’s scaler mode is a bit laggy at just under two frames, but not bad in the context of playing on a CRT.  It should be noted that it’s Line Multiplier mode can downscale 480p with ZERO latency, which might be all many of us need.  I could keep going, but honestly, just watch the video above – You won’t be disappointed.

Check out Marco’s full playlist of downscaler analysis and comparisons for all the info you’d ever want one the subject:

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