OSSC “dexx” Addon For DE-10 Demo’d

Markus, the creator of the Open Source Scan Converter, cpsdigi_av and upcoming OSSC Pro joined me on a livestream to demo his latest product:  The DExx-vd_isl.  This device essentially turns the DE-10 Nano – the same exact dev board used with the MiSTer FPGA project – into an “OSSC Pro Lite”;  Much of the code and features are the same, however it just has one input and has slightly more limited output options.  It will be available for purchase soon, but the video above shows it in action and check out the interview below for more info on Markus!

Purchase Link:
dexx Thread:
Discord Server with OSSC Sub-Channel:

One incredibly interesting feature of the dexx, is the ability to run in 120Hz mode.  At the moment, this is only possible outputting 720p and 1080p120 will most likely not work, due to the DE-10’s limitations.  This is still a big deal for anyone with a compatible 120Hz display!  After the livestream was over, I connected the dexx to my projector and ran the 240p Test Suite’s scroll test in normal 720p60.  Once I switched to 720p120 with BFI (Black Frame Insertion), the motion was significantly less blurred.  I think anyone with a compatible display needs to try this, as it might be a much larger tradeoff than the sharpness gained from higher resolution modes.

I held off on posting comparison shots this time, as the firmware is still in beta.  I really want to show off the automatic phase detection, which will save people chasing optimal timings quite a lot of effort;  Once that firmware is ready for testing, I’ll follow up with comparison shots of the original OSSC, RetroTINK 5x and dexx, so you can see how it holds up.  They’re all awesome choices, however I still want to post proof for you all to see for yourselves 🙂

*While those sub-threads are generally okay, both of those places are essentially unmoderated troll farms.

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