OBS Uncompressed RGB Captures

The recently launched Video Capture section of this website provided the root knowledge necessary to get high-quality, uncompressed captures of game consoles, in their original resolution.  That was just the beginning though and I’ll continue to add pages that help push the boundaries of capture even further.

Today I posted the first of those additions, which provides a way to use a customized version of OBS, in place of Amarec.  Normally, OBS requires some heavy tweaking to get uncompressed captures and anyone who uses it for other things will have to constantly switch back and forth between settings;  Something that’s destined for mistakes at some point.  Luckily, yoshiyukiblade has provided us with a tweaked “portable” version of OBS that runs completely separate from an existing OBS installation.

Now, this method is not without its shortcomings and there’s still some room for improvement:  This current build of OBS can’t dial in exact timings of original consoles.  That means Genesis consoles which output at 59.923Hz will be recorded at 60Hz.  People using direct video capture for analysis should stick to Amarec at the moment, but anyone who just wants high-quality captures can feel free to use OBS!

Here’s the full section, including links to the custom-configured OBS:

Also, below are links to to two video examples of what the OBS recordings look like and one of them is even demoing the “Window Capture” method!

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