New MiSTer Updater

Sorg and theypsilon have recently released a new updater script for the MiSTer FPGA project that’s quicker than the previous updater.  You’ll need to manually download and place it in the “scripts” folder on your MiSTer’s MicroSD card, but from that point on it will self-update.  This is both the now-recommended main update script, as well as integrated into theypsilon’s update_all (more info on that below):

New Updater:
More info / Sorg’s Patreon:

A note for anyone using the update_all script:  It should just auto-update the next time you run it and add the new downloader, but if you have a custom.ini file, you might need to manually enable it by hitting “Up” as it boots, entering the “misc” menu and toggling the new downloader.  Worse case, you can delete and update_all.ini, re-download from the link above and re-set all your options.

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