Vanessa (Vanessaira)

New Amiga 1200 PCB Motherboard in Development

A new Amiga 1200 PCB Motherboard is in development and work is being shown on the Belgian Amiga Club via the work from Jeroen Vandezande.  Additional information can be found on the retro computing section on the website Hackaday (article by Jenny List).  This is a complete board replacement for the Amiga 1200.   Providing Amiga lovers with a new board that allows for more modern user friendly solutions.

However you still need donor chips from a real Amiga board, mainly Lisa, Paula, and Alice to install in this build.  The PCMCIA has been replaced to allow for SD storage and the power supply has been streamlined for the main and daughter boards.  Allowing for a cleaner Amiga 1200 install and setup.  This is an open source project and can be supported on bitbucket.

Links: The Belgian Amiga Club


Project link on BitBucket