Neo CD SD Loader Firmware v0.7 Released

Furrtek has just released a new firmware for the Neo SD optical drive emulator.  There’s some significant changes in this release, with a 25% loading speed increase and the ability to load custom backgrounds to the menu:

Alex aka ArcadeTV has already created some custom menu backgrounds for it and they’re equally as impressive as his background work for the latest MEDPro firmware!

Here’s the full list of changes:

Changes from v0.6:

  • Feature: Cheat engine – See the user manual
  • Feature: Loading speed increased by 25%
  • Bugfix: Got rid of the CDDA stuttering when exiting a game with A+B+C+Start
  • Bugfix: Saves file name issues
  • Candy: Custom background – See the user manual

Known bugs:

  • Some cheats may not work.
  • CDDA tracks sometimes start playing a bit too late.
  • Samurai Spirits RPG does not load.

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