MiSTer News & Updates – PSX 8x CD Speed, Driving Wheel Updates and More

Core development Tutorial

MiSter Retro Wolf has released episode 16 of his MiSTer Core development video series. In this episode you will learn all about the MiSTer Framework, all the benefits you get when using the framework and you will get to try out the final gameplay. For the next episode you will go over implementing sound.


Wheel Support & Analog Triggers

atrac17 has gotten driving wheel support on MiSTer working well enough to make a commit to the official MiSTer Linux kernel. Also, included is analog trigger support for those using gamepads.

This is going to be very useful for the Out Run core and any core that supports analog controls for driving games or maybe even flight games. atrac17’s Patreon post has a lot of info, so be sure to check it out.


Missle Command

A Missile Command core is currently in development by Jimmy Stones. The game boots up but still needs more work before it’s fully playable. You can follow Jimmy Stones and twitter to get updates on his development journey.


Pang & Renegade

Jotego has made the Pang core available for everyone to download. You can either download it from Jotego’s github or use the update all script to have it automatically downloaded for you.

Jotego has also released a beta for Techno’s Renegade arcade game to Patreon subscribers.


PSX Core

The Playstation core has added a CD speed up option. Some games can use up to 8x CD speeds significantly reducing load times.

There were also some bug fixes that increased compatibility.


Ikari Warriors

This week RndMnkIII has released a beta for Ikari Warriors by SNK and you can obtain it by just running your update script. It’s still in beta, but already there have been several updates. A notable update is the addition of SNAC support for SNK LS-30 rotary controls via a custom adapter, so you can get the most accurate experience.


Other MiSTer Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

For the TANK III core.
Native support for SNK’s LS-30 rotary controller was added via SNAC.
And thanks to Toryalai1, a typo was also fixed in the Japanese MRA file.

For the Athena and Fighting Golf cores, RndMnkIII:
Removed the one pixel shift of the background layer.
and added SNAC DB15 support.