MiSTer FPGA Updates – GunCon 2, MT32 Pi Lite, Filter Presets and More

Hello everyone, below are this week’s MiSTer FPGA news.

GunCon 2 Support for Multiple Cores

GunCon 2 support is being worked on thanks to Nolbin on Discord. This support is going to support multiple cores and will reduce the amount of lightguns you’ll need for lightgun gaming.

New Official MT32-Pi for Raspberry Pi Zer 2 W

There is a new official version of the MT32 Pi announced by Sorgelig, the maintainer of the MiSTer project. Called the MT32-pi lite, this version is made specifically for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. It’s a more barebones and compact design, so there is no display or button controls. It attaches directly to the USB User IO port on a standard MiSTer IO board and blends in really well with the official MiSTer cases.

MiSTer FPGA Stage Events Season 2

Season 2 of the MiSTer Stage Events will start on February 13. The MiSTer stage events are audio interviews with members of the MiSTer FPGA community. These stage events are done on the MiSTerFPGA discord and they are hosted by Artemio, the creator of the 240p test suite.

The first episode of season 2 is going to feature FPGAzumspass, the developer of the playstation core, and Alanswx, who has developed and contributed to many computer and arcade cores.

Video Filter Presets

The new video filters for MiSTer, have confused some people in how to use them. To make things easier, Sorgelig has added presets that will automatically set settings for you. You can use the builtin presets or create your own.

Gameboy Video Filter Presets by Trash Uncle

A recent update to the Gameboy core has added support for Shadow Masks, and the Trash Uncle YouTube channel went ahead and created some custom masks for the Game Boy core. He created custom Shadow Masks and palettes for the original DMG Game Boy, the Gameboy pocket, The Game Boy light and other custom masks and palettes.

Master System Custom Boot BIOS

Twitter user uberyoji is creating a custom MiSTer related BIOS for the Master System. So instead of the Master System boot screen, you get Alex Kid playing rock paper scissors with the MiSTer Cat. There’s not much else to it, but such a cool touch  when loading the Master system core.

PlayStation Core Builds with CDROM XA Audio

A reminder that you can get unstable builds of the PlayStation core on GitHub or the MiSTer FPGA discord. Sound support is really coming along and it’s hard to find a game that doesn’t boot. Keep in mind that it’s still a work in progress and you will experience issues, but it’s still fun to just try out.

Other Updates

The NES has save states support for more mappers.

The Gameboy core. Along with adding shadow masks, a drop shadow option has been added. This adds a subtle shadow effect to the pixel grid and makes the screen look a little more like an original gameboy. It’s such a small addition but one of my favorites.

Other cores receiving shadow masks are

    • All of Jotego’s cores
    • GBA
    • C64
    • 7800
    • ZX Spectrum
    • PMD85
    • Laser 310
    • Compukit UK101

Some of those cores have also received other updates and fixes.