MiSTer FPGA News – Vigilante Public, Enhanced Commodore 128, Ikari Warriors & more

WWF Super Stars Core

Get ready for some WWF wrestling because Atrac17 has announced that Technos WWF Super Stars is coming to MiSTer. This is a wrestling game that featured a roster of wrestlers from the 80’s along with their signature moves.

Thanks to grego2d, djhardrich and Atrac17 for helping making this possible.

Commodore 128 Core

Eriks5’s work-in-progress Commodore 128 core has received several updates since I last spoke about it.

Some notable changes to this update are:
-The Z80 CPU is now cycle-correct and the Z80 mode memory layout is fixed. CP/M should work
-All Commodore 128 extra keys have been implemented. Check the read me file’s keyboard section for the layout
-And the VDC received a couple of small fixes.

• Developer post:
• Project GitHub:

Enhanced Commodore 128 Core

Developer Alynna, has forked eriks5’s C128 core and is currently creating an enhanced version of it with features she says were cut from the Commodore 128 due to marketing and lack of time.

She’s expanding the MMU so it can address 128 pages or 8MB of RAM.  

She’s also working on replacing the current 6502 cpu core with a 65816 core. Probably the same one used on the SNES core. The goal for switching to this CPU core is to implement support for the SuperCPU 64 and 128. These were processor upgrades available to real Commodore 64’s and 128’s.

There’s more features being worked on and a build of the core can be downloaded from her GitHub.



A lot of work has been done on the PCXT core since I last spoke about it. Several beta versions have been released and it is now up to version Beta 1.2.

Some recent notable features that have been added are

-Support for the lo-tech EMS 2MB board. This is an 8-bit ISA expansion card that provides 2MB of Expanded Memory to compatible computers.
-UART access was also fixed
-video vectors were corrected

User Mills on the MiSTer FPGA forums has even gotten Windows 3.0 running on this core.


Ikari warriors

Ikari Warriors is being developed for the MiSTer FPGA. Developer RndMnkIII, who is working on several SNK games posted some pictures with the progress that’s been made with the game. He’s been quite busy. The core already boots on MiSTer, but there’s glitches and the dev already fixed many of them.

Guerilla War

RndMnkIII also posted a PCB, of a bootleg version of Guerilla War. This board does not have any of the original board’s custom chips, but were replaced with TTL logic. If the logic is correct on those TTL chips, RndMnkIII says that they would be good candidates to implement into FPGA, getting us closer to a Geurilla War Core.


PSX Development

For the PlayStation core the developer has made the following fixes in preparation for the next official release.

-Issues in the CD controller reset command handling have been fixed. This in turn fixes a boot up hang in Gouketsuji Ochizoku 2.

-A GPU texture cache bug was fixed and this improves Eggs of Steel.

-And video RAM readout offset was corrected. This fixed the wrong colors in Dragon Ball Z FMV’s.


Jotego Updates

Jotego’s Vigilante core is now available to the public. You can obtain it using the update_all script.

There’s also been some maintenance fixes to Jotego’s System 16 core that improve Dynamite Dux and Golden Axe.


No Man’s Land Core

Developer macro, has added No Man’s Land to his Universal Cosmic Series core. That is all the z80 based games included in the core. No Man’s Land is an arcade game developed by Gottleib where you control a tank and battle it out with other tanks.