Genesis Prince Of Persia “Remastered Edition”

Developer Master Linkuei has publicly released their romhack of Prince Of Persia for the Genesis.  Like their previous MKII 32x Ultimate Edition and MK1 Genesis Arcade Edition hacks, this aims to improve the game overall, tweaking the controls to be more like the PC version and the music to be closer to the mac version.  Links are below, as well as more info over on Indie Retro News:

Download the patch here:
More info:

I only played a few minutes of the hack via my MiSTer, but it definitely seemed like something I’d like to spend more time with.  Here’s the full list of changes, as of this post:

  • Bugs and freezes Fixes
  • Title screen fixed and improved with an animation
  • Added new variety of palettes for the enemies
  • Combat controls improved a bit more
  • Even more secret cheats.
  • Gameplay timings improved to be more accurate with the original PC versions, now is possible to do a block attack and counter attacks during sword fights!
  • Input delays totally removed
  • Improved speed
  • Added sound effects from the MAC version
  • Music jingles restored to the original places and events
  • The Shadow stage and fight more accurate to the original
  • Added a final combat with Jaffar (based on japanese versions)
  • Items layout improved
  • New color schemes for the stages
  • New title screen and screens graphics
  • New secret codes
  • & more…
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