MiSTer FPGA News – Sega Saturn, PSX, Atari System 1 & More

Playstation Core

The Playstation core is getting another graphical improvement. It will soon get 24bit color rendering. This will help let you disable dithering without any color banding.

He also posted a public test version of the core that has 24 bit color enabled. In case you want to try out the feature before it’s officially available. He also has a Patreon post giving the details on how bilinear filtering and 24bit color was implemented.


Saturn Core Update

srg320, the developer of the Saturn core has posted and update on the core progress. He’s implement fixes to the CD Drive, VDP1, VDP2 and the SCSP getting more games running.



Anton Gale has gotten the Exerion core to a state that is recognizable. Currently, the colors are off and there are also some issues with the backgrounds. The next step is for the developer to figure out the MISTer framework to create a core for it.


PGM or CPS3?

Jotego is taking a poll on what arcade hardware should have it’s schematics extracted. This is a very important process that helps achieve accurate FPGA implementations. The choices are the PGM system for CP3. Head over to the Twitter post to vote.


Spinner controller design for MiSTer has a spinner controller design for the MiSTer FPGA. Great for arcade games like Arkanoid or Atari 2600 games that use paddles. There’s also side buttons on the controller with pinball in mind. Even though the controller is designed for MiSTer it is also compatible with MAME and RetroArch depending on the firmware used.


Atari System 1 Arcade Games

This is a core that’s been in development for a while and I was not aware it existed. It’s a core for Atari’s System1 arcade games.

There are MRA’s for
-Peter Pack Rat (MRA availabkle)
-Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom (MRA available)

The Atari System 1 hardware also supports:
-Marble Madness
-Road Runner
-Relief Pitcher
-Road Blasters

You can obtain the core from the projects Github.


Clean Sweep

If you like technical progress updates on Mister cores, I highly recommend flirting Jimmy Stones on Twitter. The current core he’s working on is for the TTL game Clean Sweep.

On his Twitter account he’s always posting progress of his cores and many times a lot of technical info is included.