MiSTer FPGA News – Raizing Shooters, Out Run Updates & More

PSX Updates

The PlayStation core has gotten a new official release that adds all the improvements since the last one. There were a lot of bug fixes and games affected were:
Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX, Ape Escape, Aconcagua, Slam Dragon, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vigilante 8, DoDonPachi, and many more.
The list of fixes and additions is long so to get a full list of them, check out the developer’s twitter post or the forum post on the MiSTerFPGA forums.

Out Run & Super Hangon

Unfortunately, we do not have a playable Out Run core yet because the game is giving Jotego issues. The core can get into the sound test for the game and play its iconic music, and you can run the game’s input tests, but as far as booting up the game and playing a race, we are not there yet.

Along with OutRun, Jotego is also working on Turbo Out Run and Super Hangon but these games are also giving issues.

R-Type Beta Release

Developer wickerwaka feels that the R-Type core is good enough to have a beta release. So you can play the game now, no Patreon or support subscription is required. You do have to install the core manually by downloading the core and MRA files from the GitHub and then copying it to your MiSTer’s SD Card. So far the core is looking pretty good and you can have some fun with it.

Raizing Shooters

This is an amazing core that snuck under the radar for me. Pramod is a developer that has been building a core for Raizing arcade games. Games currently supported are Sorcer Striker, Kingdom Grandprix, Battle Garegga, Batrider and Battle Bakraid. These cores were recently released and you can play them on MiSTer now.

Pramod recently released the source code fore the core, and atrac17 and Darren__O will continue development to add other games such as Batsugun.


And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

For the SNK TripleZ80 core:
Alpha Mission added SNAC DB15 support (It’s been tested with the DB15 Splitter for official MiSTer builds by Antonio Villena). This is an adapter that allows you to use two arcade controllers with your MiSTer FPGA through the SNAC port.

birdybro updated the framework for variable refresh rate support for the Mystic Marathon, Turkey Shoot and Joust 2 core’s.

For the main MiSTer software:
MiSTer game launcher files added a setname tag to make separate profiles for the same core.
There were video mode switching optimizations done by Martin Donlon.
And other fixes and tweaks have been made.