MiSTer FPGA News – Out Run, Dragons Lair, Update All & More

Clean Sweep

For the Clean Sweep core, the controls are now done and all known bugs are fixed, but more testing will be done to see if any other issues arise.


Out Run

The progress for Out Run didnt go as scheduled for Jotego. Originally he expected to release a beta last Friday, but the sprites were causing issues. Now it looks like Sprites are close to working, so hopefully a beta comes.


Xaind Sleena

Some WIP posts have been shown for the Xained Sleena core. The dev has the game running in simulation, but still needs to implement features such as sound and fix more glitches.


MiSTer Addons Aluminum Cases

MiSTerAddons aluminum cases are now on sale. These cases can cool your MiSTer setup passively so a fan is not needed. Options available for the cases are the digital or analog IO board, 4 available colors and customizable buttons. Check out the post on the MiSTerAddons website for the full details.


Daphne MiSTer Core

A Laser Disc core which looks to be an FPGA port of the Daphne emulator, is in development. On Patreon the developer is giving constant updates on the status of the core. One of the updates shows some video output already appearing, but I believe nothing is playable yet.


Express Raider

Core developer pierco is working on the arcade game Express Raider by Data East. It’s very early in the development process so he’s going through some kinks now. His progress has been helped by a CPU core from Andrew Holme and also a HDL code for a custom chip by furrtek.



The developer of the PCXT core held a vote on wether to use a new menu or not. The new menu system looks similar to the AO486 core’s menu and I personally like it because of the familiarity.

The voting by users also seems to like the new menu better too. By the time this post is up the voting will be done, and hopefully if you’re a fan of the core you appreciate the new changes that might be coming.

Update All Version 2.0

theypsilon’s update all script has reached version 2.0. The major change here is switching from bash and doing a full rewrite in Python. Using python has allowed the developer to offer a UI that behaves better and is more informative while dramatically reducing maintenance. Other changes include:

-Mame getter replaced by the Arcade ROM’s DB
-wizzo’s MiSTer Extensions database is now an option.
-And the possibility to change color themes, exclusively for Patreon subscribers.


Other MiSTer FPGA updates

And other cores recieving miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

-Sega Master System
-Super Game Boy
-Inferno (Arcade)
-Camputers Lynx48/96
-Raizing (Arcade)
-MiSTer Main