MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64 Runs Commercial Game & More

Nintendo 64

The N64 core has had some amazing updates. First controller support was added. Then Robert added sound and also posted the first commercial game running on the core. It was Namco Museum 64, a simple game, but still an impressive feat.

The latest core is available through Patreon.

Neo Geo Pocket

Jotego posted a video showing Samurai Showdow loading on the Neo Geo pocket core, but with glitches.
Another post showed the first stable game(Master of Syougi) running.


Neo Geo CD

CD support has been officially added to the Neo Geo core. The core also supports up to a 4x speed increase to significantly reduce loading times.


wizzo’s Remote Script

wizzo has released version 0.2.0 of his Remote script, which gives you the ability of controlling your MiSTer from your phone or any device with a web browser.
New major features in this release include:

-All files in the Menu page can be moved, renamed and deleted.
-New Scripts page has been added which lets you launch any scripts you have in the existing MiSTer Scripts menu

There are a lot of minor updates and bug fixes so check the MiSTer FPGA forum post for the rest of the details.


Psychic 5

Core developer Raki is updating the Psychic 5 core. The core had issues dsiplaying properly on some TV sets, so an option to change the Horizontal and Vertical refresh rate was added.


Saint Dragon

atrac17 announced that Saint Dragon for the Jaleco Mega System 1 arcade core has been released. You can check out more details on atrac17’s public Patreon post and the projects GitHub.

The core can be obtained by enabling the CoinOp Collection database in the Update All script.


Previous Core Releases

There were some other arcade games released for the Jaleco Mega System 1 that I missed before. These games are:

The Astyanax a side scrolling action arcade game set in a fantasy world.

P-47 Freedom Fighter a horizontally scrolling shooter se during World War II.