MiSTer FPGA News – New Arcade Cores, AO486, Saturn & More

Filter out Genesis core

If you don’t want to have two genesis cores show up on your MiSTer menu, you have the option of filtering out the older core using one line of code.

In the downloader.ini you can either add !genesis-core to filter out the Genesis core or you can add !megadrive-core to filter out the Megadrive core if you prefer the older one with some extra features that are not yet in the newer one.


Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn core has had updates that affect the following games:

Andretti Racing
Duke Nukem 3D
Shining Force III
Alone in the dark 2
Discworld 2
X-Men vs Street Fighter



There is a new mobile app for the TapTo project. This app allows you to write game paths to NFC cards and with an in-app purchase you can also scan NFC cards on your phone and launch games on the MiSTer FPGA.

The label designer now allows the use of multiple templates in pages and there is also a new NES template.

There was also an update to the main TapTo server software. This release adds a new web API backend, TapTUI improvements, exit game customisation and native .vhd support for the 0MHz Collection.


AO486 OPL3 Implementation

There is a new OPL3 implementation for the AO486 based on the work by Greg Taylor. You can already try this new implementation by downloading an unstable build of the AO486 core.



Hans Baier has recieved a new revision for the MiSTex baseboard. The revision now has an additional trace from the HPS to the RP2040 microcontroller. This will allow updating the RP2040 firmware from the HPS linux system. There are also latching switches and the MiSTex mascot is embedded onto the board.


TMNT Public Release

Jotego’s JTTMNT core is now available to the public. This core can run Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Missing in Action and PunkShot.

New Arcade Shooter Cores

Jotego also added some new shooters to the JTHOUSE core. These new games are:

Dragon Spirit
Dangerous Seed
Blast Off
Pistol Daimyo

The JTHOUSE core is still in beta so it’s currently only available to Patreon subscribers.

Exidy High Score Save

Anton Gales Exidy Universal Game Board II core has been updated to support hi-score saves. So update you MISTer to add this new feature.


Upcoming Irem Cores

Martin Donlon plans to release cores based on the Irem M90 and M107.
According to, the M90 supports two games. An arcade version of Bomberman. And a Mahjong game called Hasamu.

The M107 page shows 3 supported games. A vertical shooter called Fire Barrel and two Soccer/Football games. Dream Soccer ’94. And World PK Soccer.

There are also planned maintenance updates to the current M92 and M72 cores.