MiSTer FPGA News – NeoGeo Pocket, N64 & More

MiSTer Multisystem Console Cases

If you’re an owner of the MiSTer Multisystem, you now have more options to make your system look like your favorite consoles. They have case designs for the:

Neo Geo
Sony Playstation

To go along with those cases there are adapters that you can purchase that provide ports for the original consoles. These designs were released under an open source license and are free to download from


Nintendo 64 RSP

The N64 core is now fullfilling more tests related to the RSP DMA and the non-vector part of the RSP. The N64 RSP handles math operations that speeds up 3D functions and also helps with processing audio.


Targ Arcade

Anton Gale posted schematics of the sync & video generation hardware for the arcade game Targ. A vehiculart combat game from 1980.

Anton has developed several cores for MiSTer, so it’s possible this is prep work for a future core.


MiSTer Multisystem SNES Controller Adapter

The team behind the MiSTer multisystem have announced a low-latency USB adapter for Nintendo controllers. Since it’s USB, it will work on the MiSTerFPGA, Raspberry Pi, PC and more.


Dreamcast FPGA

ElectronAsh on twitter posted about implementing the Dreamcast’s PowerVR2 graphics chip in Verilog. It’s not going to be using teh DE10-Nano but it’s great to see work being done on the Dreamcast.


Neo Geo Pocket

All monochrome games for the Neo Geo Pocket are booting in Jotego’s MiSTer core. However, they all still have problems. So more work needs to be done to improve the core.


The Fairyland Story

Twitter user Leland loaned out a PCB for the arcade game “The Fairyland Story” to Jotego’s team, so the hardware can be better documented and for core development.


Experimental GUI

wizzo, who developed the Remote script that allows you to control your MiSTer from a web browser, showed off an experimental GUI that can load screenshots. It currently only shows screenshots when browsing games, but you can see how this can be useful for loading the games too.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Arcade Astrocade
Apple II
Super GameBoy