MiSTer FPGA News – Neo Geo CD, OutRun, NARC & More


Someone is forking MiSTer to work on more FPGA boards. Hans Baier is currently creating a fork of MiSTer, called MiSTex, with the goal of being able to use whatever FPGA chip you want, paired with the Allwinner D1 as the HPS.

Abstracting all the functions of the MiSter project to work on multiple FPGA boards will be a huge task but should help us rely less on the DE10-Nano board.


NeoGeo CD Core

The in development Neo Geo CD core can now play CD audio on some games. If you want to test it out yourself, you can download a test version of the core.



Jotego has finally managed to get the frame buffer working on Out Run.
This will allow the core to operate at a lower speed and still render all sprites on time. Hopefully this fixes the sprite rendering bugs I’ve noticed while playing the current build of the core.


Magical Pumpkin

Jotego has included the children’s game Magical Pumpkin in the CPS1 core. This game was designed for the CPS1 board when it was no longer viable for modern games. It was found in amusement parks and shopping centers and was put in a ride-on cabinet.


Other Jotego Updates

Jotego has added Mike Simones YC work to his framework, which will allow core’s to generate S-Video and composite signals directly.

He also has completed new schematics for Exed Exes, a vertically scrolling shooter by Capcom.

Additionally, Jotego is confident he can deliver the first assembled version of the Konami CPU on March 24th and the first core using it on March 31st. He has not revealed which game will be used for the first core.



Core developer Pramod is working on a core for the arcade game NARC. The latest update on his development shows that he can get the game past the Power-On-Self-Test.


Taito System SJ

Anton Gale keeps progressing with the schematics for the Taito System SJ hardware, which runs Elevator Action.
Lately, schematics have been released for the Video Out & Hit Bus, the IO Interface and the sound section.


RetroSpy Vision USB

The Vision USB from RetroSpy is a device that can send your button presses from a game over the network. You can then create overlays that display what buttons you are pressing while you’re captureing or streaming a game you are playing.

The device can work with a console, PC and now a MiSTer FPGA. Check out the article here on RetroRGB for more details.



Core developer Raki has already released a Nemeis core for MiSTer.
They’ve also been working on an alternate version of Gradius that runs on Konami’s bubble system.
What’s unique about this hardware is that it introduced a new form of data storage, called bubble memory cartridges, for arcade games.
Actual core building will begin after the die tracing of two chips are complete.

Now that the Gradius schematics are done, Raki is going to reverse engineer a Taito/Seta board that Mame MAME driver does not have complete information about the control register bits.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates