MiSTer FPGA News – N64 3D Rendering! Demons World, Super Contra & More

Taito System SJ

Anton Gale showed some updates to the Taito System SJ core and hinted a release will be coming soon. This core will run games like Elevator Action, Jungle Hunt and many more.



User Lukage on the MiSTerFPGA forums discovered some compatibility issues with CPU identification in AO486.
He modified the code to output an Intel CPU identification and provided an rbf for people to test.
From his post, only hardware test software seem to be affected now, but it would be good to see other tests by users.


Q87 FPU Emulator

User TO on the MiSTerFPGA discord has tested the DOS Q87 FPU emulator in AO486 and has had some good results. AO486 does not have an FPU so with this emulator you can run software that requires an FPU and even get some speed gains on programs that don’t require an FPU but still make use of it.


Super Contra

Jotego has released a beta core for Super Contra. At the moment you can’t you flip the screen, but this will be sorted out as the core matures.



Core developer Javier, has started scanning the PCB for the arcade game Breywood. This will hel in the drawing process of the schematics, which will also help with developing an FPGA core.


Kick And Run

Pierco has officially released Kick And Run, an arcade Soccer/Football.
Update your MiSTer now to obtain the core.


Neo Geo Pocket

While fixing a CPU issue for Super Contra, Jotego found a new methodology to apply to the Neo Geo Pocket core. Let’s hope this allows the NGP core to release soon.


Kiki Kaikai Core

pierco also mentioned that he’s working on creating a custom ROM for Kiki KaiKai in 6801 assembler.
This is because there is no known dump of the MCU.
Kiki Kaikai is a 1986 shoot ’em up game where you play as a shrine maiden who uses magic scrolls and a wand to fight ghosts and monsters in feudal Japan.
It spawned the Pocky and Rocky series on the SNES.



Robert has been able to get the n64-systemtest to run on the N64 core. Right now the ALU passes all tests. On a detailed Patreon post, Robert gives some test results and info on other parts of the CPU.

Also Robert posted that the first part of the rendering is now implemented in the core and showed off a homebrew program rendering 3D graphics.


Juno First

The Juno First core is now outputting some sound. For now it’s only effects driven by the MCU through the DAC.


Demons World

atrac17 has announced that Demon’s World is now playable on the Toaplan 1 core by Darren__O. You can read about the core’s development work by Darren and atrac17 on the public Patreon post.

You can obtain Demon’s World by enabling the CoinOp Collection database in the Update All script


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

Other cores getting miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

ZX Spectrum