Minigun Supergun – An Open Source Arcade Supergun

For years people have discussed the concept of an open-source supergun (devices used to connect arcade game PCBs to TV and PVMs), and the era is now upon us with the launch of Minigun by Frank_fjs, creator of the Sentinel Supergun. The Minigun is designed with simplicity, cost, easy of construction, and safety in mind. It will utilize a simple but clean video circuit and off the shelf parts. RGBS video will be buffered and attenuated, and 75ohm impedance matched. It has boasts line-level audio conversion to avoid pumping dangerous speaker-level audio into AV equipment, and it has dedicated service buttons. Minigun will come in two flavors: Simple and Advanced:

Both editions, standard and advanced, are identical in features barring:

Standard: Through-hole components. THS7316 RGB video circuit.

Advanced: Surface mount components. THS7374 RGBS video circuit. Power LED.

The remainder of features and circuitry is identical between them.

Since its open-source, you can expect the Minigun to become streamlined and perfected through time.

More info, schematics, and a complete Digikey-ready Bill of Materials are available here.