Metal Capcom CPS-3 Arcade Case

TR Fight Stick is building beautiful metal cases/shells for Capcom CPS-3 Arcade PCBs and is selling them for a very reasonable $125. They come in three metallic flake finishes: Red, Blue, and Silver. They feature plexi panels under the CPS logo, LEDs, and buttons for test and sound. They may also be offered in wood.

Forum thread:

CPS-3 Custom Shell Wood and Metal

Hello people,
The project is finish. I open a preorder. The price is limited time only for the pre-order. After first 20 Unit it will be higher sorry :(.

Price : 125 USD + Shipping + Paypal FEE ( PLEASE ASK SHIPPING COST )
I will put on my website that you can buy it directly.

I can understand if the price is high to you, but please think about this; all of the parts are metal and there is too much work by hand, molding and polishing. Especially for the corner, i build some molds and take my time very much.

I will collect the pre-order then i will produce it. I choose this method because i don’t wanna waste my time. I have to make time for the other projects. All of the cases will be ready in 2 Weeks, after reach to 20 Unit.

What include :
– Metal CPS3 Case
– Supports for SCSI2SD PCB ( 2 different PCB )
– Antislip feets.
– Metal parts which can be use to attach on the wood inside the cabinets
– Metallic Car Paint for all metal parts
BLACK Screws to attach PCB’s on the metal floor ( sorry it is not in the picture, but it will be when you get the item)
– You can use your CD-DRIVE outside the CASE

Im not giving my word for these, i will try my best. Please just think about those will be gift if i can make it. These are not CERTAIN.
You dont have to pay extra for these features IF I CAN MAKE IT
– Plexiglass under the CPS-3 Logo
-LED’s under the Plexi
– Special Metallic buttons for the TEST Switch and SOUND port.

Please check the pictures and share with me your feedbacks. I can make some differences if we decide to change something together ;)