MemCard Pro GC In Stock

The GameCube version of the awesome MemCard Pro is now in stock and ready to ship at Stone Age Gamer.  This is the FPGA-based memory card that can act as multiple virtual memory cards when used with original discs and also automatically assign one VMC per game (including per region!) when used with Swiss! There’s also a WiFi interface and a way to back up your existing memory cards.  More info below the links:

Purchase US (SaG):
Purchase Europe:
Purchase US (Rondo):

When the original MemCard Pro was announced a few years ago, I asked to check one out and assumed I’d write a post about it.  After spending some time using it, I was so impressed that I did a full-length review!  At first mention, stuff like this seems pretty trivial and it’s easy to say “I can just get a stack of 3rd party ones on eBay for a fraction of the price”.  While that’s technically correct, I think any GameCube (or PS1!) enthusiast will realize these are absolutely worth the money for anyone past “casual user”.

If you’d like more info on the original MemCard Pro, check out the video here:


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