Mega Sg OCD Audio Settings

FirebrandX has just posted a view detailing exactly how he tweaks the audio settings for the Mega Sg and all it’s cores.  It’s a great video for people who want to learn why and how to do things like this…

…but if you’d like to ‘skip to the end’, FBX posted the settings for each core as a link in the YouTube description 🙂  He also posted uncompressed audio examples so you’ll know what to expect.  Remember to launch the other cores, in order to get to Game Gear and Colecovision settings.

The video settings FBX previously posted should be considered “standard”, however audio is much more subjective.  Depending on which Genesis model you grew up with, your ears might be expecting slightly different settings.  On top of that, certain games might sounds better with different settings…and even which speakers you’re listening will sounds better tweaked differently.

It’s my opinion that you can just set the video settings without needing to know “why” each are set that way, but if audio is even slightly important to you, watching this full video will be a benefit:  You’ll know both what to do and why it was done, making it more comfortable tweaking settings in the future based on your setup.

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