Mega Sg Game Gear Adapter Issues

Analogue has just sent out a mass email to everyone who purchased cartridge adapters for the Mega Sg.  While the Sega Card and MK-2000 adapters are fine, using the Game Gear adapter can potentially damage your Mega Sg.  According to Analogue:

“If the Game Gear Adapter is a defective one, there is a chance it can cause a small part failure on Mega Sg. The part fail will stop any Game Gear Adapter from working (defective or not). All damage is Game Gear adapter related. Do not use your Mega Sg Game Gear Adapter (v1.0) and wait for Analogue to ship your replacement free of charge.

In the meantime, please do not use your Mega Sg Game Gear Adapter (v1.0). We suggest disposing of the adapter and waiting for the replacement to be shipped to you from Analogue. “

It would be very easy to criticize the quality assurance testing of Analogue’s manufacturing, but (in my opinion) I think we should concentrate on the positive side of this:  Analogue made a mistake and seems to be proactively bending over backwards to fix it.  I wish they’d provide more detail as to exactly what the issue is and how to determine if yours is a defective one, but at least there’s an easy way to distinguish:  It says “GG Adapter 1.0” right on the PCB, which is clearly visible in the above picture.  So:  If it’s v1.0, don’t use it!

Luckily, everyone who purchased a set of cartridge adapters will automatically have a replacement sent to them in about 30 days.  For more details information, please check out the main post:

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