McWill Backlit GBC Screen Kit

After years of having no good screen options, Game Boy Color fans can now rejoice!  Not only has Benn Venn announced his backlit kit, but McWill has just started selling his own as well!

It looks like the screen is a 2:1 integer scale of the original GBC resolution:  2 pixels on the new display is 1 pixel of the GBC.  This is excellent news for people who want to preserve the look of the original without any flicker or screen tearing.  Also, it appears to be the same aspect ratio, so all the game characters will be the proper size!

It will also offer optional VGA output at 640×480 @ 60Hz, which is a cool bonus.  I’m not sure how many people would take advantage of that option, with the Game Boy Interface covering analog output and the GBA Consolizer taking care of 720p HDMI output…but overall, I’m thrilled it’s an option!

At the moment, there are two stores selling the kit, with more to come:

US Seller:

Europe Seller:

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