Jasen’s Customs CPS3 metal enclosure pre-order (Final Run)

Jasen Hicks is opening up one last pre-order for his CPS3 metal enclosure! After a successful last run of his CPS2 enclosure, Jasen’s back at it one last time for CPS3 owners.

Priced at $149.95 and $20.00 world-wide shipping costs.

(More images available below)

Again, isn’t reopening but has opened up a pre-order for the CPS3 metal enclosure sold in the past from JasensCustoms.

To sign up for the pre-order, Jasen has setup a channel in his discord and has a google form for the pre-order. Pre-orders will be open until October 1st and payment will be due by October 5th.

Just like the previous run, there won’t be a website or thread. This will be the final run of his CPS3 metal enclosure. Links are below:

Jasen Hicks’ (Formerly Jasens Customs) Discord Link for pre-order:

Jasen Hicks’ CPS3 Case Run order form:

The CPS3 enclosure will be updated with a D-Size connector on the back to install an HDMI pass through. You can blank it off using a blanking plate. It will also have an additional cutout for the new Darksoft CPS3 multi-simms.

Jasen has also been open sourcing his designs thru the buymeacoffee platform for the community to utilize in a non-commercial fashion for themselves here:

Jasen Hicks (Other offerings): 

See you space cowboy…

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