Introducing the Sega Triple Bypass

While the Sega Triple Bypass has been discussed on this site since its inception, I’ve held off on making a formal “introduction” video until it was both deemed a “completed project” and in stock in decent quantities at a store.  While there will always be “special editions” and people’s own interpretations, the goal of a product “equal to or better than the best version of the Genesis” has been accomplished.

Insurrection Industries has just received a shipment of 3BPv2 boards and the last batch they got was thoroughly tested on every single version of the Sega Genesis we had access to, so I felt now is the time to make the official introduction to:  The Sega Triple Bypass…

The Sega Triple Bypass (3BP for short) is a board that bypasses the audio and video of Sega Genesis consoles, as well as a third “bypass” on some revisions, such as the DIN on the Genesis 1 and the headphone amp on the Nomad.  Depending on which model Genesis you install it in, you can get a significant performance boost.

Official Reseller #1:
Official Reseller #2:

UPDATE:  If you lift the RGB pins during install, you’ll need to replace the pullup resistors:

Support the MDFourier project / 240p Test Suite here:
Main 3BP Page:
Mobius’ Sega Nomad 3BP:

Genesis Shirt:
Genesis 2 original vs 3BP comparison:

There’s other versions of the 3BP currently being worked on, ranging from custom model 1 boards, to a version for the Sega Master System!  We’ll try to keep people up to date with significant project updates and links on where to buy!

As a note, if you were an early adopter with an original 3BP, in my opinion, there’s no need to upgrade;  It’s still excellent quality and the only major difference is the audio levels.  If you’d like, you can tweak the components on the original 3BP to match the v2 almost exactly.  Instructions for all of this will be available once the wiki launches.  Current events have delayed the wiki’s launch pretty significantly, but it is coming and will be the home of all 3BP installation guides and information.

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