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Intel Launches Integer Scaling for Gen11 Ice Lake GPUs

Intel has just released a new graphics driver for Gen11 GPUs with support for a new feature dubbed “Retro Scaling”. Integer scaling should allow classic low-resolution games to be displayed on modern high-resolutions screens free from artefacts from scaling algorightms not particularly well-suited for pixel art.

This is a Gen11 feature only, meaning the “Retro Scaling” feature is currently limited to Ice Lake microarchitecture and consequently is only available to a small portion of current users.

Intel stated: “We’re listening to our community. You wanted a way to experience pixel-art games at their best so we created Retro Scaling. Enhance the latest indie releases and timeless classics so they look their best on modern HD displays.

NVidia has supported integer scaling on all Turing series graphics cards for over a year.

The driver is currently available in BETA for download.

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