In-Person Interview with René from db Electronics

I recently made the trip to the Great White North to visit René from db Electronics.  We talk about René’s projects, his history…and we finally close our chapter in #flashcartgate.

Here’s links to everything we mentioned in the video:

Capacitor Tweezers:
Magnifying Glass Visor:  /
Power Base FM (I love this one, works with Master Everdrive!):
Power Base Mini:
Grafx Booster w/ Case:
Plastic Case for Grafx Booster (case-only): 
Links to ROM / Flash carts:

Original article & follow-up that started the controversy:

Our satire-filled, highly misunderstood critique of the entire #flashcartgate situation.  This one still makes me LOL when I watch it, but all technical info mentioned is correct:


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