HyperFlash32: New Artwork and Updated HyperflasherApp

Thunderstruck has recently updated the “HyperFlasher” app, which is used for configuring your HyperFlash32 ROM cart.  If you connect your HF32 with a USB cable, this is also the utility you’d use to upgrade the firmware.  I think the label and icon customizations is the feature that will get the most use:  Not only can you customize the eInk label that’s stored after you load a game, you can even configure exactly which icons are displayed as the game is being loaded!  Here’s all the download links you’ll need:

Support Thunderstruck:
HyperFlasher & Labels Downloads:
SD Card File Structure:
Order the HF32:

For more information on the HyperFlash32, please check out the main review below!  There’s been at least one firmware update since the original shipment went out, so if you own one, you should definitely download HyperFlasher and check for updates:

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