How GBA Graphics Worked

Modern Vintage Gamer has just released a follow-up to his excellent video that explained how Game Boy Graphics work, this time concentrating on the GBA.  As with all MVG videos, he does a great job presenting the information in a way that will satisfy most techincal experts, without alienating his less-technical viewers.

Without spoiling too much of the video, the part that really surprised me was the comparisons to the SNES and how the hardware differed.  Since the GBA’s release, I’ve been hearing mentions of it’s “Mode 7 Graphics” and was really surprised to hear the actual explanation of how the graphics were able to be created!

…and if you’d like to see ways to play these GBA, GBC and GB games on a TV, please check out the GBAz video.  It’s over a year old, but the information is all still accurate:

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